Online Bingo Caller

As well as our bingo caller apps and software, we have created a free online bingo caller. The free bingo caller is slightly limited compared to the apps but it can be used anywhere with an internet connection on a PC, Mac, laptop or tablet.

To start using the free online bingo caller, simply start an online bingo game.

Bingo Caller App

Our bingo caller apps and software offer a more advanced bingo calling experience.

You can select from the traditional British bingo lingo calls ("two little ducks, 22"), American style calls ("B-14", "I-20") and just numbers ("2 and 3, twenty-three") as well as various colourful HD themes to fully customise your bingo game.

The bingo caller app is available for Android, iPad, iPhone and Kindle devices. It can also be run on Mac and Windows computers. Finally there are also versions for the Amazon Fire TV and Apple TV, which are great for running your own fundraising bingo night or for hosting a bingo party at home using your TV. You could even play bingo in a pub as a fundraiser.

Select from the options below to install Bingo Caller Machine.

  • Android

  • iPhone, iPad & Apple TV

  • Kindle & Fire TV

  • Windows 10